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Legislative Approval

Mildura's unique position as a crossroads from Victoria to South Australia and New South Wales means that many companies must be mindful of the differing health and safety requirements in each state.

We receive many calls from companies operating across borders seeking clarity on their legislative and registered training obligations.

Most queries relate to Workcover NSW and Worksafe Victoria. They have Workplace Codes of Practice that can help you assess the level of First Aid preparedness for you organization.

Alternatively, Mildura First Aid Services can assist in clarifying your needs and procedures as well as auditing your workplace.

A simple way to differentiate between NSW and Victorian requirements is to understand that Victoria's code of practice makes recommendations that you should follow while NSW provides a list of minimum requirements relating to workplace hazards and risks according to staff numbers and location.

So, for companies and industries where personnel travel or work cross border, you will need to comply with the NSW First Aid Code of Practice.

This extends to the types of First Aid kits required and the appropriate Level of legislative approved First Aid training.

The difference between legislatively approved First Aid training and nationally registered training also seems to be an issue not clearly understood.

A Nationally Registered Training course is training that is recognised in all States and Territories. It is training that is delivered through a Nationally Registered Training Organization.

Legislatively Approved Training is training that is approved by Workcover authorities in a particular state.

It is very important to note that if the training your staff undertakes is not legislatively approved, course certification cannot be used for workplace purposes.

If a non-approved certification is held and an issue arises in relation to an incident, then you may find that there may be a liability issues.

It is in your best interest to check that the company supplying you with First Aid training has that approval.

Of course, Mildura First Aid Services is a Nationally Registered Training Organization via our national organisation, Healthcorp.

Our courses also have the additional Work-cover legislative approval in all State and Territories, which means total peace of mind for our clients.

And, our trainers are recognised as leaders in their field with backgrounds ranging from Ambulance ALS & MICA Paramedics, Registered Nursing and Critical Care Nursing. All our trainers have Workplace Training and Assessment certification and tertiary qualifications in their medical fields.

Our team of professional trainers are there to support course participants in their development of knowledge and skills, and are committed to assisting them to meet the National Industrial Competencies.

Our aim is to deliver First Aid training that is both affordable, flexible and can be customised to industry requirements.

Our undertaking is to supply you and your organization with "Skills for life".

"Skills for life by the First Aid Specialists"